12th 4月 2006

From a Kimono shop daughter’s point of view

Lonely infant stage
16 years after our shop opened, I was born.
So let me move on to my experiences and about what I have thought about our Kimono shop until last year, from a Kimono shop daughter’s point of view.
Looking back at my childhood, our shop was in the best of condition and managed so well. Indeed, my parents were so busy. They opened the shop from 10AM to 9PM every single day. Therefore I wasn’t able to spend much time with them.
When I went to a friend’s house, I envied them for the fact that their mothers were at home (In Japan it is common after getting married or having a baby, for women to quit their jobs and become housewives).
I always felt lonely and thought, “Why was I born into a Kimono shop owner’s family?”
Preferring office work to Kimono shop
Kimonos are worn mainly by older people. It seemed so uncool to me!
I hated to say what my parents were doing.
In fact, Japanese tend to have a longing for Western cultures. When I said my parents ran a Kimono shop, no friend paid any attention. On the other hand, when others said their father was an office worker, we said, ”that’s cool!”
For me, the Kimono shop was the reason for my loneliness and uncoolness. However there was one good point — we had no lack for money. Feeling guilty for not being able to be with me, my parents bought me almost everything I ever wanted. Yes! I was spoiled!
However, the wealthy period was short. We would see two dark shadows in a few years. One was the bubble economy bursting and the other was father’s death.

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