19th 2月 2007

~インドネシア水害チャリティーイベント~ Let’s make handmade accessories from used Kimono fabric

インドネシア・ジャカルタ洪水被害 チャリティーイベント
1. 着物地でコサージュを作りましょう 講師:みきこさん(2月7日と同様となります。コームをつけて髪飾りにも)
2. 着物地で髪飾りを作りましょう  講師:きょうこさん

いずれかのうち1つか、両方をお選び下さい。 (写真上が1、写真下が2)
1つのみの参加  1000円 お茶付
両方の参加   1300円 お茶付
日程 2月26日(月) 13~17時
場所 弊店  http://www.kimono-sakaeya.com/index.html
前回のイベントの様子 http://2daime.kimono-sakaeya.com/?eid=564948
Making handmade accessories from used Kimono fabric – and enjoy a Japanese tea ceremony event !
-All donations will go to the Indonesian flood disaster-
Some of you might know David, from Indonesia, who often joins our events as the photographer. He takes great photos!
Here is his works http://picasaweb.google.co.jp/kahori.ochi/PhotosByDavid
I heard that Indonesia had several disasters recently. Last year, they had a big tsunami, and last month, the capital of Jakarta had a flood disaster. It is unfortunate, and many poor civilians suffer.
Luckily, David’s friends and family are fine, but I would like do something for Indonesians as David’s friend – which is why I decided to have this event.
Let’s make handmade accessories from used Kimono fabric – and enjoy a Japanese tea ceremony!
1. Making one corsage (which is same as the one you made at the moon watching event; You can use it as hair accessory)
2. Making a hair accessory

Choose one or both
One with the tea ceremony 1000yen
Both with the tea ceremony 1300yen
Date: Monday, the 26th of February
Time: 13:00~17:00
Location: Sakaeya Kimono Shop http://www.kimono-sakaeya.com/english/index.html
No reservations necessary, but the number is limited.

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