06th 5月 2006

First love and for 8 years boyfriend

First love and for 8 years boyfriend

My mother allowed me apply to go to 4 a year college so I started going to cram-school my second year of high school and studied hard. Then, fortunately, I got one acceptance letter from a 4 year college.
My subject of study was human sciences – I planned to study mainly philosophy – but I changed my mind. Honestly I was not sure what I really wanted to study, but just going to a 4 year college was more important. After a big competition to get into the school, an 18 year old girl could not find her future.
It was a pity that in spite of studying hard in high school, I was not motivated to study in college at all. In Japan, what we learn in school is not important to enter companies. The most important factor is the school from which you graduate. Besides, entering is difficult but graduation exam is quite easy! For Japanese, university and college is the last chance to have freedom before hard work at the company begins. So I didn’t feel guilty to hardly study there. (Now I am ashamed of it)
I participated in one scuba diving circle at another school and traveled with them a lot. Then I met one guy there and we become a partner for 8 years until the year before last.
Who is he?

He was studying law at one of the most famous universities in Japan. Even through I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to study and what I really wanted to do after graduating, he had a strong motivation to study and follow his dream. 20 years old, I was fascinated by his ambition. He wanted to be a lawyer and wipe out social ills.
It didn’t take very long to fall in love. We had a great situation, a sea of clear water and beach of white sand in a small island off the southern part of Okinawa and the shining sun and sunset in Ogasawara Island where take you for 34 hours trip by ship from Tokyo.
Surprisingly our relationship continued for 8 years, but Norway broke it up.

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