05th 6月 2006

Why Norway?

Why Norway?
Before talking about the reason we broke up, I would like to talk about the frequent question I’ve gotten “Why Norway?” because it is also related to our separation.
While in Norway, I came to think how their quality of life is high.
Compared to my life those days, their life seemed like a utopia.
One life in Japanese company
After my graduation, I joined JTB, Japan Travel Burrow.
Since I was stimulated by my ex-boyfriend’s ambition, I made the goal: “Become the editor of a domestic guide book and spread the idea how domestic travel in Japan is nice”.
So, I wanted to appeal to Japanese local areas. You know local areas in Japan suffer from the problem of declining population and economy. I wanted to cheer them up. My classmates tended to like traveling abroad and loved shopping there. However, I believe if you know a place deeply, you become interested in it and want to visit. I thought making good guidebooks made sense.
Luckily, I was able to take part in the making guidebooks section. First I had worked as an advising sales staff for 4 years and then I got an editor position of making guidebooks. My dreams came true.
To be honest, I enjoyed making guidebooks a lot. I made Okinawa, Hokkaido, Tokyo, and Nagano guide books. I could visit all the places and had nice times there as well.
However, I didn’t have any private time at all. I had to work so hard because in Japan, we always have to pay attention to what our bosses are thinking of us. For example, we have to stay our desk until our bosses leave for the day.
I felt so much stress. Even though I did the research and looked over the areas to make a good guidebook, only my boss’s words carried any weight.
So I was exhausted physically and mentally.
At that time, I met Norway.
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