04th 4月 2006

Is this my life?

Nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting this site. I am Kahori OCHI,someone who is trying to become a Kimono shop owner for the second-generation.
You might wonder why I got such an honor to write a Blog on this website, although I am not famous. You know others are an announcer and an model. Today let me focus on this reason.
Now I am helping at my mother’s Kimono shop, though I had been working at a company. As a usual Japanese, I worked at the same company for six years after graduating college. (employment for life is still common in Japan)
In those days, I lacked for nothing, but, when I became twenty-nine years old, I came to have the question“Is this my life?” Escalating this question, I had found something in
Norway. These aspects causeda chemical reaction that eventually I had given my job up and decided to go to Norway for studying.
Of course this experience completely changed my life.
How my life was changed was not only my occupation but also my thoughts and attitude towards life.
I have never regretted the choice of quiting my job and going to Norway for a moment. I think I can live more naturally than before. At least, I stopped wondering: “Is this my life?”
Recently I have started writing how I can get this thought on the private Blog http://2daime.kimono-sakaeya.com/
Knowing my experience, some strangers give me messages. They also have the same question and they are in sympathy with me. I have noticed there are many Japanese(not only Japanese but also non Japanese ;) that had the same struggle with life.
As it happens, one friend of mine who is working for  Alc asked me to write my experiences on this site. Immediately I thought, “Why not? It is my pleasure to cheer somebody up by writing my experience. My entire wish is that knowing my experience through this Blog, you find out
what you want to do by yourself.
That’s me last year, someone who couldn’t find what they wanted to do.I’m not a fortuneteller so I can’t say what will happen to you tomorrow. I’m not a religious leader or anything, so i can’t say anything is for sure. However, I can say something through my experience.
I want to use all the powers of the Blog. Let’s communicate! Feel free to write what you think about my opinions on the comments or track back.
Lastly, I would like to say thank you to my friend S! I feel honored to have such a special opportunity. Moreover, this is more important!
Thank you S for giving me this title ” Go abroad with Kimono by Kahori OCHI who is pretty!? Kimono Shop second generation owner “
So it’s time to open our shop. I have to say good-bye for now.

4 Responses to “Is this my life?”

  1. 匿名 Says:

    I loved reading your blog and I am so happy you have found yourself. For that, I am envious. You are an amazing person and I was so glad to have a part of this summer to get to know you. I still have the paper with my name in Japanese and will never for get our day in the park at the castle in Sweden.
    Love from Rome and Minnesota

  2. Kahori Says:

    Thank you for your visiting my Blog!!
    You are still in Italy. I get jelous!!
    You should come Japan on the way to go back the US! I want to show you Japan like you did for me in Sweden! It was great time!

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