09th 4月 2006

Escape from rural hometown

Escape from rural hometown
After getting married, they started a new life in Tokyo.
Keiko was so happy because she hated her hometown and dreamed of living in the city.
First of all, Sakae was working for a company and Keiko was a housewife.
However, they had an ambition to have their own shop.
Empress Michiko decided what the shop should be doing.
At the same time, the current Emperor got married with Michiko.
Ms Michiko was the first empress who was not from an imperial family.
She was entirely beautiful, friendly and intelligent.
Indeed she became popular among Japanese. The fist time she was
introduced to Japanese by photo, she was wearing a Kimono.
(This photo of Michiko was unvelled on November 22th, 1958.)
My mother was fascinated by her and Ms Michiko had become the women of
Keiko’s dream. Finally they decided what kind of shop they were
starting. It was, of course, a Kimono shop.
The kimono shop, which is named Sakaeya ( the name is from my father’s
name) was born on September 20th, 1959.
At this time, Keiko was 24 years old and Sakae was 31.

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